Keyless Drill Chucks & Arbors
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Drill ChuckArbor
Keyless Drill Chuck & Arbor

Keyless Drill Chucks are extremely accurate, extremely strong and highly resistant to wear. In common with all keyless chucks are self tightening and the only way to produce a good self tightening chuck or any other precision tool is to use hardened and precision ground parts.

For some applications such as portable electric tools, you may not need high precision, but you definitely require the gripping power and robustness, which you can only expect from drill chucks with hardened and ground parts.

Even in case where the drilled holes does not require accurate and good quality drilled hole, the precision of keyless drill chucks ensures smooth and concentric running, giving a long life to the drills and drilling machines spindle.

Designed to give superb gripping power, the fact that all external parts are hardened ensures long life and robustness. The hardened parts are hatched in cut away section. The drill never slips and yet the chuck can always be loosened by hand.

Keyless drill chucks are handy in size and yet are correctly proportioned for the job. All cylindrical guide ways, surfaces and threaded parts are ground and all parts are interchangeable, no key, large thrust bearing protected against dust, positive jaw guide, knurled ring and knurled nose guide for ease of grip.

Key Benefits

  • High Gripping Power
  • No more slipping of drill
  • Increased tool life
  • Less number of regrinds


Drill Chuck Mounting Taper 'T' Threads L1 L2 D Wt. in Kg.
0 - 6.5 : 1/4" B 12 / J 1 3/8 X 24 UNF 61.5 68 34 00.290
1 - 13 : 1/32" - 1/2" B 16 / J 6 / J 33 1/2 X 20 UNF 90.5 103 50 00.945