Tapping Attachment QSFL
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Quick Change Tapping Attachment Type : QSFL (Non-Reversible)


  • Features:  

        Quick Change chucking head for the insertion of KTA Quick Change Tap adaptors, Type - WE

        Adjustable safety torque clutch to prevent tap breakage.

        Length compensation acting on compression and expansion to compensate differences between machine feed and tap pitch.

        Self-centering radial parallel float to compensate misalignment between hole and tap.

Key Benefits

  • Quick Change Tap Adaptors
  • Safety Clutch
  • Float Radial Parallel
  • Length Compensation


Chuck Designation Size Location For Taps Suitable Adaptors WE Size Length Compression Length Expansion Float D2 (Dia.) D1 (Dia.) L Weight app. Kgs.
QSFL 3-12/MT2 QSFL 3-12/MT3 M 3 - M12 WE1 10 20 1 58 32 142 1.4 1.6
QSFL 8-20/MT 3 QSFL 8-20/MT 4 M8 - M20 WE2 10 20 1.5 83 50 190 191 4.1 4.4