Tapping Attachment TSFL
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TSFL (Non-Reversible)

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Key Benefits

  • Features:
  • Wide range twin chucking head for the direct clamping of taps. No need of separate collets. Adjustable safety torque clutch for the prevention of tap breakage. Radial parallel float to compensate for misalignment between hole & tap. Length compensation acting on compression & expansion to compensate difference between machines feed & tap pitch. Unit is lubricated with Molyoil.

  • Twin Chucking
  • High concentricity, firm clamping, safe torque drive and large clamping range. It can accommodate standard square ended taps. The tap is clamped by two adjustable sets of jaws. The four jaw set thereby serves for the positive drive at the square of the tap, whereas the three jaw set centers the tap perfectly. The two sets of jaws move independently of each other, similar to the action of a different drive. Therefore, the relation of the square of the tap to the round shank is insignificant for proper clamping.

  • Safety Clutch
  • The safety clutch is infinitely variable to the required torque in regard to tap size by simply adjusting to scale. The safety clutch disengages when the present torque is exceeded. After disengagement there is almost no torque on the tap and thus the clutch suffers practically no wear. Tool breakage is thereby prevented. Blind holes can be bottom tapped under full rotation of the spindle. reversing the spindle, the clutch reengages and the tap is automatically withdrawn.

  • Float Radial Parallel
  • This ball operated floating device gurantees threads to exact tolerance, also in case of misalignment protects the tap against side thrust. It centers automatically after every tapping operation.

  • Length Compensation
  • The length compensation is ball cage operated and consequently, the axial movement is very smooth even in the presence of maximum torque. This free axial movement prevents damage to thread flanks when the feed rate and tap pitch do not match (i.e. hand feed). It is also of advantage when cutting small threads on heavy machines. The length compensation positions at zero point and is therefore also suitable for machine feed.  


    Chuck Designation Size Location Clamping Shank Dia. Range Square Taps Metric Taps Withworth Taps Withworth pipe Float Length Compression Length Expansion D (dia.) D1 (Dia.) L L1 Weight app. Kgs.
    TSFL 3-12 / MT2 TSFL 3-12 / MT3 2, 5-10 0 - 8 3 - 12 1/8-1/2 1/8 1 10 20 58 53 135 135 18 - 20 1,7 1,9
    TSFL 8-20 / MT3 TSFL 8-20 / MT4 6 - 16 4, 7 -12 8 - 20 1/4-3/4 1/8-1/2 1, 5 10 20 83 76 170 171 23 - 28 4,6 4,9